2017 DSA Keynote Speakers

Dr. Charlie Liu from IBM

Dr. Chi-Chun (Charlie) Liu is a Research Staff Member and the directed self-assembly (DSA) project lead at IBM Research - Albany NanoTech. He is focusing on DSA patterning applications and implementation as well as DSA fundamental studies, including DSA material study, imaging analysis, compact model and Monte Carlo simulation, DSA process development, optimization, and new application exploration. He has published over 55 peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings, which have been cited over 1500 times.

He received his BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from National Taiwan University and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1998, 2000, and 2011 respectively. Before he started his PhD study, he worked at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (tsmc) as an etch process engineer for ~3 years. He also serves as a program committee member for SPIE Advanced Lithography and EIPBN.


Dr. Seiji Morita from Toshiba

Seiji Morita started in R&D of advanced materials for various applications (such as data storage, optical recording, magnetic recording and semiconductor nano-patterning etc.) in 1986 at the R&D center of Nikon Corporation and made basic technology of mass-producing patterned substrates by nano-imprinting using photo-polymer replication and quartz master template production by RIE for optical data storage.

Seiji Morita started research of self-assembling technology from 1998 and made guide patterned substrates for DSA in 1999. He was also involved in the R&D of organic metal complex materials for recording application in Toshiba Corporation in 2002.

Now he is the chief scientist and leader of the advanced DSA & metalize material technology group at Toshiba Memory Corporation and is continuing R&D of advanced 3D DSA technologies for future semiconductor applications.