The DSA symposium will take place in the CNR congress center in Milan. The congress center can be easily reached using public transportation or by car. More information on how to get to the CNR congress center are avalable here. Oral communications will take place in the main room of the  congress center. Poster sessions, coffee breaks and welcome party will be organized in the adjacent rooms. More information will come about the social dinner.


Wednesday,  October 16, 2019
17:30 Welcome party
Thursday, October 17, 2019
09:00 Introduction


Session I: Advanced Materials

(Chairmen: Geert Vanderberghe - Christopher J. Elison) 

09:10 "High Resolution Patterning with Organosilicon Block Copolymers: A Progress Report", Prof. Grant Willson, University of Texas (Keynote)
09:50 "Side-Chain and Chain-End Modifications of PS-b-PMMA to Create New High χ Block Copolymers", Takuya Isono, Hokkaido University
10:10 "Block Polymers for DSA (Directed Self Assembly) Using Micro Reactor Technology", Hisakazu Tanaka, DIC Corporation
10:30 Break


Session II: Morphology and Orientation

(Chairmen: Seiji Nagahara - Makoto Muramatsu)

10:50 "Overcoming the thermodynamic dilemma of sub-10 nm perpendicular domain self-assembly using gradient random block copolymers", Seung Won Song, KAIST
11:10 "Universal perpendicular orientation of block copolymer microdomains for DSA applications", Jeong Gon Son, Korea Institute of Science and Technology
11:30 "Controlling Feature Size and Morphology of Microphase-Separated Structures via Intramolecular Crosslinking of Block Copolymers", Koadi Watanabe, Hokkaido University
11:50 "Phase Transition Between Gyroid and Cylindrical Morphology in Linear Triblock Terpolymer Thin Films", Christophe Sinturel, University of Orléans
12:10 Lunch
13:10 Poster Session


Session III: Defects and Ordering - 1

(Chairmen: Joe Kline -  Sang Ouk Kim)

14:10 "DSA pattern defect mitigation by process optimization", Makoto Muramatsu, Tokyo Electron Kyushu, Ltd. (Invited)
14:50 "Defect mitigation in sub-20 nm patterning with high-X, silicon containing block copolymers", Jan Doise, imec
15:10 "Shear-solvo defect annihilation of diblock copolymer thin films over a large area", So Youn Kim, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
15:30 Break


Session IV: Defects and Ordering - 2

(Chairmen: Guido Rademaker - Federico Ferrarese Lupi)

15:50 "Development of Ordered Structures and Defects in Sub-10 nm Perpendicular Lamellar Thin Films", Alvin Chandra, Tokyo Institute of Technology
16:10 "Hexagonal pattern coarsening in cylinder-forming PS-b-PMMA block copolymer thin films", Gabriele Seguini, CNR-IMM
16:30 "Enhanced Lateral Ordering in Lamellar BCP/Homopolymer Blends", Irdi Murataj, INRIM
16:50 "Film Thickness and Temperature Effects in Block Copolymer Thin Films Explored by Autonomous Combinatorial Experiment", Pawel Majewski, University of Warsaw
20:00 Social Dinner
Friday, October 18, 2019


Session V: Advanced DSA Strategies

(Chairmen: Michele Perego - Pawel Majewski)

09:00 "Block polymers for DSA applications based on A-(B-random-C) architectures", Prof. Paul Nealey, University of Chicago (Keynote)
09:40 "Block copolymer directed self-assembly in sub-10nm topographical guiding patterns", Marta Fernandez-Regulez, IMB-CNM, CSIC
10:00 "Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers on Chemically Modified Graphene", Sang Ouk Kim, KAIST
10:20 Break


Session VI: Advanced DSA Strategies

(Chairmen: Gabriele Seguini - Marta Fernandez-Regulez)

10:40 "High Volume Manufacturing Readiness of DSA Process", Dr. Hyo Seon Suh, imec (Invited)
11:20 "Establishing a sidewall image transfer chemo-epitaxial DSA process using 193 nm immersion lithography", Guido Rademaker, CEA LETI
11:40 "Computer Simulations in DSA Problem Solving", Su-Mi Hur, Chonnam National University
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Poster Session
13:50 Poster Awards


Session VII: Ordering and Roughness

(Chairmen: Teruaki Hayakawa - Hyo Seon Suh)

14:00 "Hierarchical nanostructures by controlled block copolymer film thickness modulation on pre-patterned surfaces", Katharina Brassat, Paderborn University
14:20 "Hierarchically Ordered Dewetted BCP Films on Chemically Patterned Surfaces", Federico Ferrarese Lupi, INRIM
14:40 "Block copolymer roughness measurement via PSD : application to fingerprint and Directed Self-Assembly", Aurélie Le Pennec, CEA LETI
15:00 "Roughness study on L/S patterning with chemo-epitaxy DSA", Viktor Dudash, imec
15:20 Break


Session VIII: Inorganic Nanostructure Formation

(Chairmen: Christophe Sinturel - Katharina Brassat)

15:40 "Block-copolymer based optically resonant nanostructured surfaces", Virginie Ponsinet, CNRS-CRPP
16:00 "Si nano-pillars obtained by sequential infiltration synthesis in directed self-assembled block copolymers", Michele Perego, CNR-IMM
16:20 "Expanding the Materials Library in Sequential Infiltration Synthesis: Conductive Indium and Gallium Oxides", Ruben Waldman, University of Chicago
16:40 Closing Remarks
Poster Session
P1 "Development of Designed Block Copolymers for Perpendicularly Oriented Nanostructures in Thin Films by Thermal Annealing", Teruaki Hayakawa Tokyo Institute of Technology
P2 "Correlation between morphology and coordination of nanopores created by block copolymer lithography", Katharina Brassat, Paderborn University
P3 "Mass Production Polymerization of Ultra-high Molecular Weight PS-b-PMMA Block Copolymer", Yukio Kawaguchi, HORIBA STEC,Co.,Ltd. 
P4 "Sub-10 nm Block Copolymer Lithography: Sequential Infiltration Synthesis into Poly(Styrene)-block-Maltoheptaose", Anette Löfstrand, NanoLund and Solid State Physics, Lund University
P5 "Effect of trapped solvent on interphase between PS-b-PMMA thin film and P(S-r-MMA) brush layer", Riccardo Chiarcos, Università del Piemonte Orientale
P6 "Grain-Boundary-Induced Alignment of Block Copolymer Thin Films ", Francesc Perez-Murano, IMB-CNM, CSIC
P7 "In situ characterization of block copolymer self-assembly kinetics", Marta Fernandez-Regulez, IMB-CNM, CSIC
P8 "Cross-characterization analysis of DSA chemo-epitaxial ACE process", Tommaso J. Giammaria, CEA LETI
P9 "Quantitative analysis of the sequential infiltration synthesis in block copolymers films by reference-free grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence", Eleonora Cara, INRIM
P10 "Expanding DSA process window with atmospheric control", Nathalie Frolet, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co